Soul Survivor Melbourne is a volunteer run
organisation dedicated to encouraging
and equipping young people to know Jesus Christ,
and live radically as his disciples.

the festival

In April Soul Survivor Melbourne puts on a festival for young people.

Whilst each year has a different theme, our overall aim is to come together as different people from different walks of life and to meet with God.

We seek His Holy Spirit in our lives so that we can go out and put into action what we believe.

We are passionate about worshiping God, being refreshed through His Spirit, learning from His word and having fun!


Soul Survivor is a festival because there is always heaps going on and lots to choose from. There are exciting venues such as cafes, live music, a market,  a dance venue, and a cinema!

But this is just the beginning, in between main sessions there is a range of seminars, creative workshops, sports and activities to choose from!

There’s so much to do at Soul Survivor, so many people to meet and so many adventures to be had.


So join us in April for five days as we gather together for an awesome time and seek together our awesome God!’

Watch highlights from the 2016 Festival


Soul Survivor Melbourne exists to encourage and equip young people to know Jesus Christ, and live radically as his disciples.

The heart of Soul Survivor is to see young people to capture the vision of Jesus and his calling on their lives, and then to equip them, train them and release them into ministry – so that they do it wherever they go, wherever they are. The Bible is our final authority on all matters. We want everything we do at Soul Survivor to be in line with the Bible, and in step with the Holy Spirit. We value Bible-based lifestyles, teachable attitudes and unity in the hearts of everyone involved.

We are committed to non-hype. We want to provide space and opportunity for young people to genuinely connect with God.


The first thing God calls us to is to love Him. We want to encourage a lifestyle of worship including devotional acts (eg. singing, prayer, dance and other creative expressions), and a desire and willingness to know and obey God in everything, giving Him lordship over our lives. The Bible models intimate, extravagant worship. Worship is to God, about God, and for God. Although, in His mercy, God draws near to us as we draw near to Him, our worship is not about what we can gain, but about giving to God the love and honour He deserves.


True, biblical worship, includes a heart for, and everyday lifestyle of, justice and compassion. Jesus said that in as much as we practically love and care for the least, the broken, and the lonely, we do it to him. Soul Survivor encourages young people to stand up for the oppressed and defenceless, and care for the broken and rejected on local, national and international levels.


As Christians, we are called to take the gospel to those who don’t yet know God. Soul Survivor seeks to remind young people of this call, help them to identify the ‘lost’ around them, and equip them to reach those they identify. We acknowledge that ‘conversion’ is just the first step, and we encourage people to be part of local church communities in order to grow as disciples of Jesus.


The Holy Spirit has been given to all believers as Comforter, Encourager and Helper. Soul Survivor actively seeks the leading of the Holy Spirit in all areas. We expect that the Spirit will be at work, drawing people to Jesus, empowering people for service, releasing His gifts among us, and speaking in a variety of ways. We want to encourage and equip young people to know and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives generally, and in particular as they minister to others.