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All registrations for Soul Survivor Festival 2017 must be part of a group.

To add your group to the registration form (so that your youth can choose it) fill in the form below.

All group leaders must be over the age of 18. Group leaders take on the responsibility of care for all those registered to their group.

To register your group…

  1. Fill in the form on the right.
    We’ll email you back to confirm your group registration.
  2. Your group will be added to the website for your youth to select on registration.
  3. You will then have access to a spreadsheet with an up-to-date list of delegates registered to your group.
    Please contact us if someone is in your group that shouldn’t be.


Who can be a group leader?

Anyone over 18 and is capable of taking responsibility for a group of people. (Usually this is a youth leader or a parent).

I'm under 18, can I bring a group?

Unfortunately, group leaders must be over 18.

All group leaders are responsible for the care of the delegates in their group. To take on this responsibility you must be over 18. Usually the group leader would be a youth leader or a parent.

more youth leader info

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I agree that I am the group leader, and therefore take responsibility for any young person registered as part of my group.

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